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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
* Note that ONLY ONE e-BOUTIQUE will be chosen!! *
Fashionably.Chosen will be posted after two themed updates as seen in my previous post.
So, wutcha waiting for?
If you wish to be in Fashionably.Chosen, please provide the following:
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- Items that you sell:
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My dear beloved shoppers, you can mail me too if you want me to review your favourite blogshop!

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Fashionably.Chosen 20

Fashionably.Chosen 21: Jujuwiwitata's
Phew. Finally I'm back with reviewing business.
Been a long time I went MIA, no? sorry!
Anyway, seems like fringe is the IN thing now!
From shoes to bags to necklaces to clothes to earrings. Soon we'll see bracelets too, kan?
Fringe vest anyone?
It has the cowboy-ish look, no?
With studs on both side.
We've seen alot of Fringe Bags kan?
Less elaboration needed, no? =)
You girls know best. It's simply gorgeous, I'd say!!
RM50 for a leather bag, fab buy babes!

Off shoulder!!
Looks a bit gypsy no?
With slight ruffles, oh-so-feminine!!! =)

How about these belts?
Vintage material colaborated with shiny buckle + weaved design.
Yummms. Like the perfect combo, no?
Available in brown and black and it's going for only RM30!
Ooh. She's got other belts too!
(and it's unique!!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Curiousity Striked!

I was just browsing through Fashion Truth today.
(Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing reviews on Jujuwiwitata but connection here is pms-ing still)
* nods head + pouty lips *
I wonder how long my connection's pms is.

Anyhow, as I was reading while waiting for Jujuwiwitata's page to load,
My eyes got attracted to this post:

Seller 14 - Kiss & Tell
Here's the link to it:

What got me curious was what Miss Kiss & Tell wrote.
(Yeah, she sounded bit pissed. I would be too.)

I was just wondering what does price comparison mean?
The general answer would be: Difference in prices of the similar items by various sellers.
Correct, no?

And as I was reading Miss Fashion Truth's explanation,
my attention was paid on this sentence:

since we're not too free to slowly go and compare the details and all that, and we definitely do not have the time to go and ask the sellers personally how much is their cost price (to prove that their items are more expensive)...........


i dont think we need to go through how we define "SIMILAR"
- same pattern, different colour
- different height
- different material

err. u all get the picture. it simply means that these similar items may and can be substitutes to some buyers ya

So, what does Price Comparison really mean?
Comparison in price of similar item (as in SIMILAR)
Comparison in price of item A vs its substitute?

Personally, if I was gonna write about comparison and substitute,

1. Our Temptations - RM60
2. Kiss & Tell - RM72

However, you may also find a substitute for this pair of peep toes.
Mezzanine is selling a similar one at RM53 (that's if pink is your black. Teehee)

I'm only curious so don't get me wrong yeah?
I am not pissing anyone of.
Just plain curious.
I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.

Before I sign off, do drop me a mail
just place your comments if you have anything to say regarding this matter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spotted: Candy Treats

Voila! Burberry Inspired scarf, girls! :)
Apparantly, it's thick enough to keep you warm. Teehee!

Ooh! Sheer stripe cardi!!! Yummylicious aye?
Btw, only Pink and Yellow left!! :)

Spotted: Miss Capsicum

OMG! OMG! Look at this pinafore! It is absolutely adorable!
If I'm not broke atm, I sure will get it! *pouty lips*

And yumms! Checkered dress!!
Retro + boy-ish + comelness!
Teehee!! Comes in red too!!

Spotted: The Juicy Closet

Layered colour dress / skirt!
Yeah, it looks gorgeous as a dress, doesn't it?
I bet it will look as gorgeous when you wear it as a skirt. =)

Spotted: hi, Betty! *newbie*

* I wish my assets were as big. Drools *
(Dont get me wrong okayys. Heehee)

Gorgeous floral prints, kan?
What's more? It's a V-neck Spag! Screams sexiness, no?
Teehee. Kudos to newbie! I'm lovin their stuff.

Spotted: Velvet Ribbon

Argh!! Eyelet spag dress!!
Me love how the dress ends.
It potrays elegant lady on top and innocent darling in the middle and the playful girl at the bottom.

Spotted: Doodleduds

Yumm! If this dress were to be flared skirt at the bottom,
It'll be MM inspired, no? But this dress still look stunning on it's own.

Spotted: Peaches & Pixies

We've seen this in many online boutiques, no?
For example, Bunny Noo? =)
And I can dare tell you, this tri-coloured buble dress is GORGEOUS!
I saw a girl wearing the pink one and it is as gorgeous as it looks in photos. :)

Spotted: Pixie Closet

Versatility strikes again!
Kudos to you girls! :)
Play the innocent female and wear it the way it is.
Else, wear it off shoulder or wear it as a toga dress.
Gives you a lil gypsy look, no?

Spotted: Bebel Nina

Designer inspired wrap-around darlings!
Me love the colour!
Bit sheer to wear it on it's own. Can be seen from in the photo that's showing it's back

Spotted: A Fashion Story

Ahh! Uber comel charm bracelet, kan?
Me adore the lil charms that is oh-so-cute that brings back childhood memories.

Spotted: Flitterby

Add on pearls to match this dress and you'll get Audrey Hepburn style! :)
Looks vintage, no? Heehee.
I personally adore the colour. Teehee!

Spotted: Kiss & Tell

Ahh! MNG inspired dress! Lovely, no?
And you can hardly see this shade of green and it's only RM45!! =)
What a fab buy! I'm sure MNG is selling it much higher.
* Like duhh! * Heehee

And ooh!
An imported white handbag!!
Yumms! Lovely, kan?
I bet it will look awesome with the MNG inspired dress. :)
Ooh. Only one piece available. =)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally a free time + good connection.
Connection at home as been emo-ing.
(whoopsie. teehee.)

Spotted: Lollipop Wardrobe

Babes, if you missed your chances of getting this kimono top,
I suggest you grab it quick!
It's superbly comfortable.
(Yeah, I would know cause' I've got one!! Heehee)

Spotted: Simply Pretty Things

I know it's just a basic halter but..

It's oohlalala-so-colourful!
(Duncha just wish to own em' all? It is indeed simply pretty things!)

Spotted: Arona Avyanna

Yumms. Nice name for a boutique, no?
But my mind keeps reading it as Arowana. -.-
Look at this gorgeous swirly tube!!
Comes with matching sash too! Yummy!!

Spotted: Michatoo

Most of their new updates are all sold out!
But this one here is restockable!!
(Yes, it's R E S T O C K A B L E!! Only this colour, however.)
Nice no? Me love the sleeves!! Goodieee!!

Spotted: Juicy Closet

Ooh!! All skirts/dress are going for RM35 babes!!
Love those gorgeous prints!!
(I, myself is a fan of long ankle touching skirt and yikes, my hands are itching!!)

Spotted: La'Belle Closet

Ooh! After sooo long, they've finally updated with gorgeous clothes!
Dont you just adore the brooch?
I do! Makes this simple lookin dress extra stunning! =)

Spotted: Fashion Flakes

Girls, you got to honour this babe here!
(Cause' she's the owner of Jasz Jewellery and Ed'Jasz too! 3 Boutiques, bebeh!)
Ooh! I totally love this Gypsy looking top!
(Wishing they will be bring in white one soon!)
If they do, hands off! The first one is mineee!! =P

Spotted: Secretly Lovely

No, girls.
She's not selling her white top.
But the skirt, yes!
It's a dress too! Talk about versatility, aye?
(I love her haircut too! Heehee! She look hawt in this photo, kan?)

Spotted: Kisssss & Tell

Kimonos! *drools*
(Too bad, non-restockable and it has been reserved! Lucky buyer!)
Ooh! Miss K & T here is really really petite (according to a friend)
Comel!! I mean her! Heehee.

Spotted: Fashion Attic

My reaction when I laid eyes on it?
Drools. Drooling. Drooled. Still drooling!!
Hehe. Need I elaborate more?
It's so simple yet amazingly finger lickin' good! =)

Spotted: The Cute Closet

Cupcakes and muffin!
(I lurveeee muffin tops! Teehee. I'm Lorelai of Gilmore Girls. Hahaha)
Adorable tee, kan?

Spotted: A Blinc

Look at this plain kimono!
I hardly see this online!
(Mostly with prints on them.)
It is fantabulous!
(Yes, a friend of mine bought the white one from her @ Absolute Bazaar)
* jealousy strikes * She didn't get one for me!!!! Urgh!

Next up, Fashionably Chosen: Jujuwiwitata's!! =)
Ooh. Miss F.A will be away for a short holliday.
Will be back soon and hopefully, internet connection is done pms-ing @ home.

* luv & kisses! *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spotted: CandyTreats

Woah. Finally they brought in their very first shoes!
I have to say, this is one really good looking classy one!
Totally love the colour! =)

Spotted: Lacquer & Lace

Doesn't this boots look sooo yummilicious?
Gives the cowgirl effect, kan?
And fringe are so in now!

Spotted: Kisssss and Tell

Omg! Omg!
Starlight Barbie pumps!!
Description from a friend who saw it in Absolute Bazaar:
"OMG! I so love her striped pumps! It's with glitter and the colour is just so sweet looking!!
Too bad I didn't have enough cash then. Else I would be showing it off to you"
Teehee. Need I say more? Owh, only size 37 (Vincci Size 6) left!!

Spotted: Dorfbury

Not your usual looking flats, girls!
Unique, kan?
I love how simple it is yet all so unique just cuz' of the strap.
and it's in BLACK! Hehehehe.

Spotted: Dolce Boutique

Ooh! Pink Ballerina Pumps!
Lovely colour, no?
Btw, it has a very unusual looking heels.
(Ahh. This heels are getting famous day by day. Soon it wont be that unusual anymore)

Spotted: Super Rolling

Aren't they just so uber comels??
I love it, love it, love it!!
Time to have something a lil different in your shoe rack now. =)

Fashionably.Chosen 20

Fashionably.Chosen 20: Tasty Cherry Chapstick

Manage to squeeze out some free time today.
Here goes:

Ooh. I love her shoe! Comels, no?
Anyhoo, it's the stirrup leggings I'm reviewing.
We all know how leggings are. Most essential info we normally seek for?
The thickness of it! Yeap. This one here is definitely thick enough to be worn alone.
Going at RM18, fab price, no?

Mary Jane Pumps!
Uber cute, kan?
Me likey!! Hehe.
I totally adore the oh-so-cute looking button on it.
Don't you?

I know I've feature this before.
But but but. I've also seen it in reality.
A friend of mine bought it from them and goodness!
It is absolutely gorgeous!! I love how bright the yellow is.
It simply just stands out from your other peep toes!
(Unless you have other striking peep toes. Heehee)

Ooh. Tri-coloured V neck dress!
I love how the colour blends together so well.
Sexy, kan? =P

Ahh. Their famous clutches or purse. Whtever you girls call it.
Simple and awesome price, ladies!
With LV logo as the design. Yumms.
(Not for picky customers though, especially those who goes for ORI items)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Fashionistas,
Miss Fashionably Addicted will resume reviews a.s.a.p
She's been busy with a lot of work lately.
Gosh, I miss reviewing you blogshop owners. Boohoo!
My email is flooded I've to say!
Yikes! I'm so terribly sorry!! :(
Those blogshops that I have yet to link, do forgive me.
I will link you as soon as I've review your e-shop yeah?
So sorry! Thousand apologies!! :(
Luv & Kisses,

Friday, October 31, 2008

Lil teaser by the long gone CandyTreats!
Goodie! They're back in action!! *soon*
I love their stuff! Heehee!
(Was supposed to post this along with Quickie update but I forgot. Yikes!!)

Quicker than Quick Quickie Quacker.

*Last pair in White Size 36!!*

Spotted: Trendy Hunt

* Sorry dearies for not being able to elaborate how gorgeous your items are.
I'm off to bed now. Been a tiring month for me. =( boohoohoo! *