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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
* Note that ONLY ONE e-BOUTIQUE will be chosen!! *
Fashionably.Chosen will be posted after two themed updates as seen in my previous post.
So, wutcha waiting for?
If you wish to be in Fashionably.Chosen, please provide the following:
- Boutique Name:
- URL:
- E-mail:
- Items that you sell:
(E.g: brand new frm supplier, 2nd hand brand new, pre-loved, lingerie etc, etc)
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Subject Title: Fashionably.Chosen!

My dear beloved shoppers, you can mail me too if you want me to review your favourite blogshop!

All updates are below this post!! Hehe

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Lil teaser by the long gone CandyTreats!
Goodie! They're back in action!! *soon*
I love their stuff! Heehee!
(Was supposed to post this along with Quickie update but I forgot. Yikes!!)

Quicker than Quick Quickie Quacker.

*Last pair in White Size 36!!*

Spotted: Trendy Hunt

* Sorry dearies for not being able to elaborate how gorgeous your items are.
I'm off to bed now. Been a tiring month for me. =( boohoohoo! *

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm absolutely sorry for all the long delays, huns!!
(Been sick and uhh, I had fun sliding down the stairs. Woohoo!)
Hmm. Normally sliding down stairs, you tend to get injuries like:
(not on purpose of course!)
1. Bruises on your legs.
2. Sprain ur ankle.
3. Buttock aches.
4. Bleeding.
5. Skin peeling.
I got mine on my fingers!
(like wth, no?)
Yeah, the scars are still there. Boohoo!!
(Stop laughing! =.=)
Anyways, today my favourite pick would be:
Spotted: Kocek Clothing!
Woots! My first review on Men's Clothing!
I personally like this sweater!
Checkered, baby!
And ooh. It does look like the kind where golfers would put on, no?
And the shirt! Yumms! Hey, smart looking hunk!
(and ooh. model's just soo macho, no? I know. He's delicious! Eeek. Sound so wrong!)

Spotted: Trendy Hunt.
One's bit out dated and one's newly updated.
But who cares? Both are still available.
Still hunting for more BoyF tees?
Don't miss your chance then!
And this checkered skirt/ top!
It's an In-Thing now for blogshop owners to bring in, no?
Made of thick cotton and comes along with inner lining and at the price of RM50?
Babes! This is definitely a fab buy!!!

Craving for eyelets?
Well, try this one!
Sweet yet sexy, kan?
What about a tube/ halter dress?
I like how the flower is thrown accross.
Simple sweet looking piece, no?

Spotted: Cat in a Bowl.
Ooh. Sailor Cropped Jacket.
Aye aye, captain!
Looks good, no?
And it has a small slit at the back of this piece.
Satin handkerchief Maxi!!
Yumms!! This kinda maxi are sooo gorgeous, no?
What else do you want me to say?
You've seen it in quite a number of blogshops, no?

Spotted: Fabulous You * newbie *
Ooh. This white halter here, isn't it sexy?
And it ends right below your belly.
What about butterfly top?
Pair it with high waisted belt and there you go!

Spotted: A Blinc
Ahh. Another tube dress!
And it's made out of Satin material.
Who says you have to burn your pocket to get a prom dress? =)
We've got vintage clothes, vintage belts, vintage necklaces, vintage shoes.
Now? Vintage bags, darlings!
It's currently sold out but restockable!!
So mail her!!

Ookies. I'm running out of time. Got to start work now. Therefore, i'm sorry dearies.
Don't have enough time to elaborate your items. =(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fashionably.Chosen 19

Fashionably.Chosen 19: Cat in a Bowl
More mazi dresses!!
Like what else do you want me to say?
They are all simply gorgeous, no?
And a piece worth buying and keeping. =)
(Owh, the one on the right is available for restocking, no instocks at the moment!! Heehee)

Highwaisted skirt, anyone?
Now, we've seen plain button-ed ones, bow-ed highwaisted skirts blablabla.
What about a layer one instead? with buttons too! Heehee.
Buttons are uber comelss, no?
(I know. I know. I'm bit outdated. You girls prolly seen this piece already. =.=)

Ahh. We've seen soo many kimonos.
Not to mention, we've seen quite a number of e-Boutique selling this piece too, no?
Now, if you miss your chance of getting it, wait no more! =)
Polka dotties!! Sleeveless!! Empire cut dress!
Yumms. Like so the purrrfect dress to stand out, no?
Once again, vintage is still gorgeous! Heehee.

Ehh. This dress look sooo sailor-ish, kan?
Especially with its white colar. Teehee.
Yummms! Last piece up for grab, hons!
Ooh. MNG inspired dress!
C'mon. Show off those curves and assets!!
Definitely brings out the better figure with this design, no?
(Like so french maid too!! Heehee. Eh, french maid uniform is sexy okayys.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Oooh! I so loveeee this vintage lookin leather belt!!
Nice, no? *chuckles*
OMG! She brought in another killer heels!!
Gorgeous, kan? Flaunt those sexy legs ladies!!
Yumms! I sooo wanna get one! Heehee.
Spotted: Michatoo *Newbie*
Look! Look! Nice dress right? Wait till you see the back of it!
S E X A Y!!! Wear it on its own or pair it with leggings and MammaMia!
Remember this dress (Right) from Ancient Orchids?
Well, our newbie here has em' too!! Weehee!
Now, if you didn't get yours earlier, wait no more!!
(Kudos to our newbie, Michatoo!!)
OMG! OMG! UBER COMELS!!! * Screams!! *
I personally adore this two!! I'm sorry but it's wayyyy tooooo adorable!!
(Owh, they are giving out free postage for accessories, darlings! Heehee!)

Spotted: Clothesbucket
Hmm. I was actually waiting for their Cardi collection to pop out but they gave me surprise instead.
Look at this flirty top!! Simple yet stunning, no?
Ooh. Me love her necklace too! Heehee.
And the dress! Gosh! Prety layered dress, no?
And ooh. It's bareback!
(Ahh. C'mon. Bare some back. =) Shy? Fret not. There's always a thing called tubes. Heehee)

Spotted: x.o.x.o chic.
Whoops! Bit out dated but what the heck lahh right?
Check out this dress! Simply simply OMG-so-pretty, no?
Heehee. I like the tribal like details on this plain simple white dress.
Ooh! More boyf tees I see! Ahh. BF Tees are always oh-so-comfortable and versatile!!
So many ways to wear it, no?
1. Tuck it in.
2. Tie it all the way up! (Show those bellies!)
3. Tie it low
4. Buttoned up and match with belt (Like model, or thick vintage belt looks good too!)
5. As a vest/cardigan (Be boy-ish!)
6. Let ur mind go wild! Heehee.
Spotted: Diva Madness
*phewitt!* Who's that sexay senorita?
Doesn't this dress look hot on Miss Diva?
I like the floral prints on it! Heehee!!
What about a tube instead?
Comes along with the accessories for you to match with.
(Now, you really dont have to hunt for accessories unless you wish to change it! Heehee)
Ooh! Victorian-style Top/ Dress.
Looks lovely, no? And gosh. Our model here sure do know how to pose.
So many facial expression!! Heehee!!
Look at the tee on the right. Also a long top/dress. Heehee.
Amazing how one simple tee still can look good, no?

Spotted: Sugerkins
Alaaa. Sorry lahh. I know I'm really outdated. >.<
Lookie! Lookie!
Gorgeous Deep-V kimono, no?
Sooo ooh, seducing!!
Heehee. Comes smocked underbust which means no worries for the bigger ones.
How about a printed kimono if basic plain one is not up to your liking?
Gorgeous no? Dangg. Kimonos never fail to surprise us, do they?

Spotted: Colour Me Pretty
So fast sold out!!
I just checked last nite and it was still available but today?
Post went missing!! >.<
Too bad. Heehee.
But doesn't the zebra tote match the zebra tube top purrfectly?
Heehee. But too much is a no-no! ;)