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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
* Note that ONLY ONE e-BOUTIQUE will be chosen!! *
Fashionably.Chosen will be posted after two themed updates as seen in my previous post.
So, wutcha waiting for?
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bite me! I have a "thing" for huge ass bags!!
(Ask the BF why. Lol)
And CFF always have huge ass gorgeous ones!!
Making me droooooooooooool!!
(I personally like the one on the left!! * slurrrrrrrps!! *)

Lavender Rose earrings. Lovely no?
And ooh. Oriental charm like earring!!
Yumms!! Eh, CNY coming soon. Few more months.
This one will definitely go well with the traditional outfit you have.
(That's if you are planning to get one. Heehee!!)

Spotted: Round Bean

Ahh. Angel pendant!! Gorgeous kan?
Pair it with the bracelet on the right.
Matching set babes! Save the hassle of lookin for matching axcess. Teehee.

Ooh. Dragonfly! Me loveee dragonfly. So does Miss Charming Pieces.
Teehee. I always love how simple and sweet and unique her creations are.
Gorgeous talented work, kan?

Spotted: Bunny Noo
Still hunting for fedoras, ladies?
Well, Bunny Noo has em' too!

Kimono fiesta! Kimono madness! Whatever you wanna call it. =)

Teehee!! Sorry but I can't seem to help it.
I spotted wayyy toooo many kimonos that are really really extremely gorgeous!
(My opinion ye?)
What else do you want me to say?
* See her heels? They're up for grabs too!! *

Spotted: Vibrant Swirls

* Their very best selling item, kimonos!! *

Spotted: Dolly Sins

See? What did I tell ya?
Kimonos are so gorgeous, sexy and ooh. The prints are just so lovable, no?
(Once again, don't mind me. I love kimono oh sooo very much!! =P)

Fashionably.Chosen 16

Sorry for the long gone, babes!!
Gosh, my inbox was flooded with mails of updates and what nots!
Teehee. Sorry darlingsss. Had some family reunion back home.
(No, not for Raya. For fun. Lol.)
Anyhoos, reviews are now back to normal!! Teehee!!
Fashionably.Chosen 16: Dollysins
Hmm. Highwaisted are still IN, no?
And this one here? Definitely not a common one!
Ooh. We all know how gorgeous all Dollysin's corset tops are!
Like this one ere'. Sizzlin hot, kan?
I adore this versatile bag!! Like so elegant kan?
Oooh. You can use it as sling or just like Miss Dolly here.
I'm popeye the sailor man! Toot! Toot!
(Or something like that! Aiyoh. It's been looooooooooong since I watch that cartoon. Heehee)
Me like! Me like! So comel, no? And ooh. It's a tank top! Me favourite lazy outfit!! Teehee!!
I love stars, don't you?
And I love wearing shorts!!
Soo comfortable, no? Especially with our hot weather in Malaysia.
And ooh. Stars + shorts?
Purrfect combo for mua!
Heehee!! and it's BLUE!! My other fav colour!!
(Did I mention my room's blue with white furnitures? Teehee)
Another blue piece from them!
And it's a square neck!!
I fancy square neck lately.
Teehee! I like how it looks casual with a touch of formality in it.
Purrfect for all occasions!!
(I mean classes, work, casual outings yadayadadoo!)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Request!

CandyTreats Goodies up for grabs!!!

1. Cotton Chiffon top in Blue.
Like so grecian style, no? Hehe.
Outer layer and puffed sleeves are of chiffon material and the rest is cotton.
Puffed sleeves can be worn off shoulder, darlings!! Teehee!
Still very extremely brand new! Owner didnt get the chance to wear it.
Selling Price: RM 35
2. Basic Black Off Shoulder.
Now, do I need to elaborate more??
Worn once but condition is still 100% purrfect!!
Selling Price: RM25

3. Purple Off-Shoulder Dress
Yumms! Look so sweet kan? Owner's selling due to overflowing babydoll dresses. Lol.
Wardrobe exploding aye? >.< Still very brand new too!
Selling Price: RM40
4. Grey Versatile Babydoll Dress
Look at the flowy skirt!!! Like soooo feminine, no?
And ooh. The sleeves can be worn on or off shoulder and whadya know? It's all over smocked top! Heehee. Selling cuz it's a lil big for owner.
Fits: Bigger UK6 to UK10
Selling Price: RM40
Snail Mail:

Originally from Attire's Attic, babes!
You know how fast their dresses are all sold!! Owner's selling the one in black.
Selling cuz it's not really to her liking.
Fits: UK6 - UK10
Selling Price: RM39
Sinful Seduction goodies up for grab!!

1. Bumble Bee Top.
Ooh. Look at the dual colour pleated halter!! Nice kan?
Selling Price: RM35

2. Red Halter.
Owner's selling cause the colour doesn't suit her. >.<
But I like the gorgeous prints on it! Hehe. Versatility is there, babes!
Wear it cross-neck like on model or wear it V-neck. Heeheee.
Selling Price: RM30

3. Black Bling Dress.
Oh, that bling! Like really bling gile kan?
Wear it to party or dinner functions. You sure do look awesome! =)
Selling Price: RM40
COD Hotspots: Pyramid/Subang Areas


Snail Mail:

White Label, Dressing Lab and TicTacToe goodies up for grabs!!

1. Sweetie Pie, originally from White Label Closet
Now, this is really one sweetie pie, no?
Like soo uber comelss kan? Teehee.
Selling Price: RM38

2. I am here!, originally from TicTacToe
Owner's selling of both pink and blue, girls!!
And oh, plain white tank top is included too!! whatadeal, no?
Selling Price: RM40, get both at RM75

3. Swirls, originally from Dressing Lab
Oohlala. Baby woncha swirl with me? Lalallala. This Purple Swirl Dress is definitely sweet looking, kan? And the bow-ed bust top, yums!! Matching colour combo too!!
Selling Price: RM35

4. Floral Prints Butterfly Tube Top, originally from Dressing Lab
Look! Look! The prints sure look like kids drawing kan? It's like so adorable!!
Size: M (UK10)
Selling Price: RM28

5. Gingham Halter Neck Top, originally from Dressing Lab
Gingham is still in no? Even in Cleo's Oct Issue. Teehee!! Looks bit vintage, dont cha think so?
Selling Price: RM30

6. Big Floral Prints Satin Tube Top, orriginally from Dressing Lab
OMG!! Black, purple and white colour tones!! Like so matching, no?
I absolutely loooveeeeeeeee the colour combo!! * drools!! *
Selling Price: RM40

7. Big Prints, orriginally from Dressing Lab
Ooh! Swirly swirls, babes!! Transform it into tube top, tube dress or even skirt!
Anyhow you want to wear it, huns!!
Selling Price: RM35

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

1. Blue Cross Back Pinafore (Think it was from Luscious Lips e-Boutique?)
Guarantee brand new and never worn by owner. Made out of comfy cotton babes!!
This pinafore's uber cute, kan?
Selling Price: RM50 (including Poslaju fee)
2. Gorgeous Red Dress (with black "colar" and black beaded details) originally from The Closette. Sexylicious, no? Heehee!!
Selling Price: RM50 (including Poslaju fee, Price negotiable. Teehee)
Spotted: Oozora.Tang
Check out this tote bag, ladies!!
Ooh! Me like! Me like!! The colour combo makes the back looks soft, no?
Quilted quality, Burberry inspired tartan fabric, what else?
Go find out, girls!! Lovely!! Heehee
I know this are just socks.
But hey, look at the amount of colours!
When I saw it, I was like "OMG!! comelnyeeeee!! I soo want it!!"
(But I normally wear heels which means those socks are gna be in the drawers if I own em')
Lol!! Seriously, don't tell me your eyes weren't attracted to the colours? Teehee!!

Spotted: Peep Boutique
Guess who's back from Aussie?
(Ahh, she's been back for quite sometime now. Lol)
Lemme rephrase it. Guess who's back with Aussie goodies for us??
Look at this sexy hot pink top!! Yumms! 100% sexayy!!
And the starry hoodie? Lalalalala! Imma hoodie fan. I can't help but drool and wish and wish
(Still wishing...that the BF will get me this hoodie!! Heehee. Just joking)

Spotted: Bunny Noo
Weehee!! Look at this halter dress!!
Nice kan?
What about the long tank top that can be worn as a mini dress on its own?
How versatile!
Ahhh! More Japanese inspired clothings I see!!
Like soo blooming sakura, no? Heehee!
And check out this checkered leggins!!
Save the hassle of looking for a checkered pants if you are!!
U-niq kan? You definitely don't see this leggings anywhere at the moment.

A lil late but never too late!
Heehee! I have always adore her cardigan collection!!
Look at this preppy vintage cardi!!
Like sooo Cruel Intentions kan?
Oooh! Black cardi with ubercute huge butt-ons!!!
Me likey!!