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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
* Note that ONLY ONE e-BOUTIQUE will be chosen!! *
Fashionably.Chosen will be posted after two themed updates as seen in my previous post.
So, wutcha waiting for?
If you wish to be in Fashionably.Chosen, please provide the following:
- Boutique Name:
- URL:
- E-mail:
- Items that you sell:
(E.g: brand new frm supplier, 2nd hand brand new, pre-loved, lingerie etc, etc)
and snail-mail me at:
Subject Title: Fashionably.Chosen!

My dear beloved shoppers, you can mail me too if you want me to review your favourite blogshop!

All updates are below this post!! Hehe

Luv &

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Babes, if you are a fan of CandyTreats colourful, adorable treats at affordable prices,
I advice you, stay tune with them cause they've got truckloads of goodies for you to choose from!!

Here's one of the item they got it in stock for ya!

They will most likely to update in a day or two.
Ahh, for all the goodies, waiting is never a regret. ;P

Now, if you think that their update is not as much as their oh-so-famous "MASSIVE UPDATES",
Click on the image below!!

What's that, you may ask.
Cielo de Moda is their sister site selling all accessories!!
Stay tune, babes!!
I did mention that some of their goodies are brought in from somewhere else instead of the ones you normally see in other blogs?

Luv & Kisses,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Delays. Delays.

There will be no updates till 1st September as Miss Fashionably.Addicted is out of town.
Will update as soon as I get back!!
Sorry for the delays babes!
Luv & Kisses,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time to hit the sack now.
Miss Fashion.Addict got to work in few hours time
sayy like in 5 hours? *yawnss*)
Before that, read on!
You sure don't wanna miss this!


Euphoria Event!

(Mind you, not by MOS wokies?)

Venue: D'sara Perdana, PJ, Emerald Condominium, Blck 3, MPH
Date: 6th Sept 08'
Time: 1230 - 1700

Y'all better not miss this if you love her items!!
Bhajuee (Checked)
Accessories (Checked)
Discounts (Double Checked - Walk In Customers saje)
Gifts & Priviledges (Double Checked too - T&C applies ye?)
Fitting Room (Gazillion Checks!! Yeshh, try before purchase!!)

One hell of a good deal, no?

Contact Person: Miss Samantha
( / 012 325 3109)
* number will be deleted soon to protect privacy so, pen it down now & don't lose it! *

Ooh. One more! One more!!
Sales are all around me!! *woots*

This is specially posted for: Funtogs!

Yeshh! They are having their Merdeka Sales
Date: 26th August till 5th September
(wutcha waiting for?)
Go! Go! Go!

Miss Fashion.Addict is unable to reply mails till God knows when.
Hotmail wouldn't allow me to send out mails!!
(It says that I have sent the maximum amount of e-mails allowed within the 24-hour period)
Didn't know there are such things

Luv & Kisses,
Newly Updated!!

Spotted: TicTacToe

- OhMyGosh!! I totally love the one on the top left!!
(Yeshh, I was starring at it for quite a while. Sshh.)
Oh, well. Imma addict! Wutcha gonna do?
And and and
VINTAGE keeps poppin out here and there don't they?
Bottom two pictures, dangg! They so match each other, no??
It has just been updated!
Quickly go grab yours cause their items are always (duhh) SOLD OUT!
(sometimes, less than 15mins after their updates.)
(You'll notice if Miss TicTacToe is online checking her mails & updating her boutique)

Spotted: A Blinc

- Another Kimono top?
And it comes with the inner white halter!
And owh, only Purple available.
So purple kimono fans, wutcha waiting for?
Time waits for no one, my dear lovelies.
Now, the word "BEACH" totally stands out from the Red Floral printed Halter Dress, no?
(Go put on your best bikinis and sugars, you are ready to splash!!)

Spotted: Trendy Hunt

- Gosh, I know I adore pretty lots of clothing. But hey, that's me!
I mean I can sit like for hours by opening new tabs to check out boutiques after boutiques.
That's why I created Fashionably.Addicted.
Yesshh, I totally love love love Trendy Hunt's dresses
I always dont get the chance to get my hands on one of them.
(Either I'm broke or MOST OF THE TIME, SOLD OUT)
ish. geramness.

Spotted: Dressierre

- Oohlala!! Sorry but heh. I love barebacks & I love satin & I love unique prints!
So so so sexxy kan?
I mean the white bareback satin halter!!
And skin colour maxi?
Yumms! Dress like a celeb today dears!!
I know I know, you feel weird wearing like that in Malaysia.
(I do too. *shyy*)
But hey, if we compulsive shoppers don't start the trend here, who will kan??

Fashionably.Chosen 2

- Now, this is not just another e-Boutique like the ones you see everyday.
They have their days themed, all rite?

- I'm pretty sure you guys know why D.I.Y means, no?
D.I.Y = Do It Yourself??
Here are some of the items that they have posted up
it's selling like never before cupcakes I tell you!!
Adorable vintage clutches/purse & earings, huh?

What about...

- Truly vintage, didn't I tell ya?
Once again, vintage is the IN thing now!
Owh, do take note however, it's a BIDDING GAME!!
And it's only available for bidding till Thurs I supposed?
(*akhem* Please read their Terms & Condition before proceeding.)

Now, lets take a peep at..


- The bhajuee is so cute kan??
Plaid Babydoll Top & Goddess Gown are still up for grabs!!
Btw, Plaid Babydoll is restockable in other colours and on sale too!!
I'm gonna make my reservation for that now cause' I personally adore it!!
Ish. Comelnye!!
(Don't cha wish to pinch Miss Shoplifter's cheeky pipi?)
Kimono Craze!
Spotted: Luscious Lips
- Floral Kimono-like dress?
So sweet looking kan? And currently, floral prints are in trend!!
And the blue kimono dress? Soo gorgeous lahh!

Spotted: CandyTreats
- Green Kimono-like Mini-dress for the petites!
Purrfectly designed, strechable under-bust area and ooh, the colours are pwetty too!
Or what about stripes?
Hardly seen em' stripy kimonos on streets, huh?

- Or have an affair with a more elegant looking one perhaps?
Isn't it just sweet looking? And ooh! Another blue base. *shows tongue*
I love blue! Bite me! :)

- What about a lines-printed Kimono, aye?
Doesn't the material look just so comfortable?
Or a more artistic one for your wardrobe?
White & Black never will be outdated.

In case I missed your site, dont be shy!
Mail me.
I wont bite.
I shall write a review on you if anything catches my attention.
Luv & Kisses,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hunting for dresses, babes?
Then click on these few sites as they sure do have lots of em' instock for ya!!
Spotted: Sugerkins
- PinaDress, like so super comel kan??
(That includes the model too!!)
Almost made an reservation for it and realised I was broke.
Sadness, no?
Spotted: Scarlet Redz
- Oooh. Colour block dress!!
So so amazingly bright and attention grabbing, yesh? :)
And and oooh!! I love her wedges too!

Spotted: CandyTreats
- How about a sweet looking piece like the yellow one?
Sexy. Sweet. Seductive.
(I totally agree! And it screams SUMMER, no?)
- Or an Off-shoulder dress?
Pair it with high waisted belt and ta-da!
"Hello, me elegant looking lady!"

Spotted: Peep
- We've covered Fun. Colours. Sweet. Seductive.
How about something formal now?
And the OBI belt?
It's for sale, babes!!
If you are looking for a waist belt similar to Ancient Orchid's, grab yours here for only RM29!!!
Tell me, it's not a STEAL??
And the stunning red pinafore like dress? So vintage!
Vintage is so IN kan?

Spotted: Sexxy
- Now, back to basic perhaps?
Need I say more? Their items are just how they name their site, Sexxy!

- This for an adorable dinner dress?
It's combined with satin material for the skirt and I bet it's pretty comfy to sit through the nite with this piece.
- Another RARE piece, no?
Geometrical Yin & Yang dress for the petites or how about a long top for the tallies?
She's always bringing in limited rare items, doesn't she?
- Now it really does scream FUN in it! And doesn't the model look uberly cute, cheeky, hyper and all behaviors that says FUN in a way?
Especially in all the clothes she has brought in.

Spotted: Gin & Tonic *Newbie*
- Another colour block dress? Yesh!!
They are all over the place, no?
And the colours never fail to combine all so purrfectly!
What about beach dress? I haven't review any on them, have I?
It is so totally definitely sweetly girlish!!
Wear it over your bikinis and VOILA!

Fashionably.Chosen 1

Spotted: Fashion Robots *newbie*

- To Conquer and To Brainwash!
- Gosh! Their apparels are so vintage kan? And they are all so adorable & lovely!! Don't you just wish to have a piece of their items? And heck, they don't look like robots. More like a doll that you wish to hug every night to sleep. *drools* Comelnye!!

- Top Left to Right: Lily's pocketful of sunshine. Simplicity with a twist, Cross stitch baby.
- Bottom Left to Right: Gingham sweetie, Sonia's summer, Sexy Leopard

- What are you waiting for??? Head on there now!!
Did I mention they only have limited pieces??
And I mean one piece per design per colour?
Go! Go! Go!