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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Curiousity Striked!

I was just browsing through Fashion Truth today.
(Yeah, I'm supposed to be doing reviews on Jujuwiwitata but connection here is pms-ing still)
* nods head + pouty lips *
I wonder how long my connection's pms is.

Anyhow, as I was reading while waiting for Jujuwiwitata's page to load,
My eyes got attracted to this post:

Seller 14 - Kiss & Tell
Here's the link to it:

What got me curious was what Miss Kiss & Tell wrote.
(Yeah, she sounded bit pissed. I would be too.)

I was just wondering what does price comparison mean?
The general answer would be: Difference in prices of the similar items by various sellers.
Correct, no?

And as I was reading Miss Fashion Truth's explanation,
my attention was paid on this sentence:

since we're not too free to slowly go and compare the details and all that, and we definitely do not have the time to go and ask the sellers personally how much is their cost price (to prove that their items are more expensive)...........


i dont think we need to go through how we define "SIMILAR"
- same pattern, different colour
- different height
- different material

err. u all get the picture. it simply means that these similar items may and can be substitutes to some buyers ya

So, what does Price Comparison really mean?
Comparison in price of similar item (as in SIMILAR)
Comparison in price of item A vs its substitute?

Personally, if I was gonna write about comparison and substitute,

1. Our Temptations - RM60
2. Kiss & Tell - RM72

However, you may also find a substitute for this pair of peep toes.
Mezzanine is selling a similar one at RM53 (that's if pink is your black. Teehee)

I'm only curious so don't get me wrong yeah?
I am not pissing anyone of.
Just plain curious.
I'm sorry if I've offended anyone.

Before I sign off, do drop me a mail
just place your comments if you have anything to say regarding this matter.


what a discovery said...

i so happened to view your page

i guess the definition for "similar" is pretty subjective. different people look at it different

what i had in mind when that post was written is....

a buyer who is interested in buying the heels from K & T, but because of the price, she is hesitant about it . so when she sees the other heels (in mezzanine or the other shop), although it's in different colour, she may not mind because the price is cheaper, and who knows, she may like it even more! that is , what i had in mind, the meaning of possible substitutes

sometimes as readers/buyers, we may think we like a particular item, but when we see other alternatives/substitutes, it may be triggered in us that the other items may be better than the first item we say

that was the concept i had in mind
sorry if u did not understand it clearly

Janiece said...

yes, we buyer or reader maybe triggered by possible substitutes but what i think F.A & K.T are trying to say is that it's unfair for you to place two different shoes under price comparison therefore, it's better to state "Possible Substitutes" as to avoid confusion. Right, no? =)

what a discovery said...

Dear Janiece

it's actually changed already . quite a long time ago

Fashion.Addict said...

Teehee. I noticed that too. ;P

叉燒包Peter said...


lin said...