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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spotted: Candy Treats

Voila! Burberry Inspired scarf, girls! :)
Apparantly, it's thick enough to keep you warm. Teehee!

Ooh! Sheer stripe cardi!!! Yummylicious aye?
Btw, only Pink and Yellow left!! :)

Spotted: Miss Capsicum

OMG! OMG! Look at this pinafore! It is absolutely adorable!
If I'm not broke atm, I sure will get it! *pouty lips*

And yumms! Checkered dress!!
Retro + boy-ish + comelness!
Teehee!! Comes in red too!!

Spotted: The Juicy Closet

Layered colour dress / skirt!
Yeah, it looks gorgeous as a dress, doesn't it?
I bet it will look as gorgeous when you wear it as a skirt. =)

Spotted: hi, Betty! *newbie*

* I wish my assets were as big. Drools *
(Dont get me wrong okayys. Heehee)

Gorgeous floral prints, kan?
What's more? It's a V-neck Spag! Screams sexiness, no?
Teehee. Kudos to newbie! I'm lovin their stuff.

Spotted: Velvet Ribbon

Argh!! Eyelet spag dress!!
Me love how the dress ends.
It potrays elegant lady on top and innocent darling in the middle and the playful girl at the bottom.

Spotted: Doodleduds

Yumm! If this dress were to be flared skirt at the bottom,
It'll be MM inspired, no? But this dress still look stunning on it's own.

Spotted: Peaches & Pixies

We've seen this in many online boutiques, no?
For example, Bunny Noo? =)
And I can dare tell you, this tri-coloured buble dress is GORGEOUS!
I saw a girl wearing the pink one and it is as gorgeous as it looks in photos. :)

Spotted: Pixie Closet

Versatility strikes again!
Kudos to you girls! :)
Play the innocent female and wear it the way it is.
Else, wear it off shoulder or wear it as a toga dress.
Gives you a lil gypsy look, no?

Spotted: Bebel Nina

Designer inspired wrap-around darlings!
Me love the colour!
Bit sheer to wear it on it's own. Can be seen from in the photo that's showing it's back

Spotted: A Fashion Story

Ahh! Uber comel charm bracelet, kan?
Me adore the lil charms that is oh-so-cute that brings back childhood memories.

Spotted: Flitterby

Add on pearls to match this dress and you'll get Audrey Hepburn style! :)
Looks vintage, no? Heehee.
I personally adore the colour. Teehee!

Spotted: Kiss & Tell

Ahh! MNG inspired dress! Lovely, no?
And you can hardly see this shade of green and it's only RM45!! =)
What a fab buy! I'm sure MNG is selling it much higher.
* Like duhh! * Heehee

And ooh!
An imported white handbag!!
Yumms! Lovely, kan?
I bet it will look awesome with the MNG inspired dress. :)
Ooh. Only one piece available. =)


soya said...

interested with the dress that you said look like Audrey Hepburn..hahah
please mail me about the price and details bout the dress. ASAP PLEASE,

syima said...

please mail me about the price bout the white handbag.
plz k that ma mail

juez said...

how much??