Should Fashionably.Addicted come up with Blogshop of the Month Award?


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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
* Note that ONLY ONE e-BOUTIQUE will be chosen!! *
Fashionably.Chosen will be posted after two themed updates as seen in my previous post.
So, wutcha waiting for?
If you wish to be in Fashionably.Chosen, please provide the following:
- Boutique Name:
- URL:
- E-mail:
- Items that you sell:
(E.g: brand new frm supplier, 2nd hand brand new, pre-loved, lingerie etc, etc)
and snail-mail me at:
Subject Title: Fashionably.Chosen!

My dear beloved shoppers, you can mail me too if you want me to review your favourite blogshop!

All updates are below this post!! Hehe

Luv &

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Fashionistas,
Miss Fashionably Addicted will resume reviews a.s.a.p
She's been busy with a lot of work lately.
Gosh, I miss reviewing you blogshop owners. Boohoo!
My email is flooded I've to say!
Yikes! I'm so terribly sorry!! :(
Those blogshops that I have yet to link, do forgive me.
I will link you as soon as I've review your e-shop yeah?
So sorry! Thousand apologies!! :(
Luv & Kisses,