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Dear darlings,
Fashionably.Chosen is a post where I pick one out of all lovely e-Boutiques and write a review about it.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Finally a free time + good connection.
Connection at home as been emo-ing.
(whoopsie. teehee.)

Spotted: Lollipop Wardrobe

Babes, if you missed your chances of getting this kimono top,
I suggest you grab it quick!
It's superbly comfortable.
(Yeah, I would know cause' I've got one!! Heehee)

Spotted: Simply Pretty Things

I know it's just a basic halter but..

It's oohlalala-so-colourful!
(Duncha just wish to own em' all? It is indeed simply pretty things!)

Spotted: Arona Avyanna

Yumms. Nice name for a boutique, no?
But my mind keeps reading it as Arowana. -.-
Look at this gorgeous swirly tube!!
Comes with matching sash too! Yummy!!

Spotted: Michatoo

Most of their new updates are all sold out!
But this one here is restockable!!
(Yes, it's R E S T O C K A B L E!! Only this colour, however.)
Nice no? Me love the sleeves!! Goodieee!!

Spotted: Juicy Closet

Ooh!! All skirts/dress are going for RM35 babes!!
Love those gorgeous prints!!
(I, myself is a fan of long ankle touching skirt and yikes, my hands are itching!!)

Spotted: La'Belle Closet

Ooh! After sooo long, they've finally updated with gorgeous clothes!
Dont you just adore the brooch?
I do! Makes this simple lookin dress extra stunning! =)

Spotted: Fashion Flakes

Girls, you got to honour this babe here!
(Cause' she's the owner of Jasz Jewellery and Ed'Jasz too! 3 Boutiques, bebeh!)
Ooh! I totally love this Gypsy looking top!
(Wishing they will be bring in white one soon!)
If they do, hands off! The first one is mineee!! =P

Spotted: Secretly Lovely

No, girls.
She's not selling her white top.
But the skirt, yes!
It's a dress too! Talk about versatility, aye?
(I love her haircut too! Heehee! She look hawt in this photo, kan?)

Spotted: Kisssss & Tell

Kimonos! *drools*
(Too bad, non-restockable and it has been reserved! Lucky buyer!)
Ooh! Miss K & T here is really really petite (according to a friend)
Comel!! I mean her! Heehee.

Spotted: Fashion Attic

My reaction when I laid eyes on it?
Drools. Drooling. Drooled. Still drooling!!
Hehe. Need I elaborate more?
It's so simple yet amazingly finger lickin' good! =)

Spotted: The Cute Closet

Cupcakes and muffin!
(I lurveeee muffin tops! Teehee. I'm Lorelai of Gilmore Girls. Hahaha)
Adorable tee, kan?

Spotted: A Blinc

Look at this plain kimono!
I hardly see this online!
(Mostly with prints on them.)
It is fantabulous!
(Yes, a friend of mine bought the white one from her @ Absolute Bazaar)
* jealousy strikes * She didn't get one for me!!!! Urgh!

Next up, Fashionably Chosen: Jujuwiwitata's!! =)
Ooh. Miss F.A will be away for a short holliday.
Will be back soon and hopefully, internet connection is done pms-ing @ home.

* luv & kisses! *


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